Posted by: smilecoach | August 6, 2007

Magical Life

My wife and I recently spent a week at Hilton Head Beach.  There were many memorable things about the vacation we had with my daughter and her family, but there are two events about which I want to write.  One has to do with Uncle Ed and the other has to do with a book. 

Let’s start with the book first.  I am a Harry Potter fan.  So as you probably already guessed, I was delighted that a new book was launched.  It was released at midnight of the day we arrived in Savannah, GA on our way to Hilton Head.  I planned on finding a book store with a Harry Potter Party that night but the airlines had other plans for us.  We arrived later than we had hoped and we were exhausted by the time we finally unpacked our bags in a ‘smoking room’ (we reserved a ‘non-smoking’ room but that didn’t seem to matter to the hotel).  However the next day I became the proud owner of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”.   I enjoyed this engaging book for many hours while we were at the beach. It was a perfect ‘beach read’ for me.   I didn’t finish the 753 page book until after I got home.  Although I really enjoyed reading the book, that wasn’t the most significant part of the ‘Deathly Hallows’ for me.  The most significant thing happened just as I closed the book after I finished reading it.  As I closed the book, the thought occurred to me, “What if I decided that my life was magical?  How would that affect me?”  As I silently asked myself that question, a sense of energy ran through my body.  However, I didn’t have a ready answer for the question. 

Now let’s switch to Uncle Ed.  He is a marvelous 89, soon to be 90 year-old man.  He is my daughter’s husband’s great uncle.  He was one of the people who joined us at the beach for a family vacation.  Uncle Ed is my hero.  He is the epitome of having a joyous life and an endless supply of love-based high energy life patterns.  I had spent time with Ed on a previous trip and knew that I admired his spirit.  He plays golf twice a week and has a very active social life.  There isn’t anything that is happening in the world that he can’t talk on for at least several minutes.  He became my hero however, as we were standing ankle deep in the surf at the beach.  He was watching others swim around and ask me how deep I thought the water was about 20 feet off shore.  I told him it was about waist deep.  As I looked at him, I could see he was thinking seriously about something.  He stood there quietly thinking and process for several minutes while we enjoyed the warm surf on our feet.  Then suddenly this wonderful man takes several steps and dives into the ocean.  I realized that he was standing there deciding if he should go for a swim.  He was dealing with his fear of his ability to do it.   Uncle Ed swam around for 20 minutes thoroughly enjoying himself.  He came out of the water with a huge smile, just like the one you would see on a 10 year old boy who loved being in the water.  Uncle Ed is a man who is still creating magic in his life at the age of 89. 

I have decided that I want to live the way Uncle Ed does.  My life is magical.  Is yours?



  1. Hi there! I had to send along my comments about the magic of Uncle Ed and the lessons I also learned from him on our vacation! Uncle Ed told me the story of how he just recently learned how to play Bocci. He was pretty good at too, according to him! As he relaxed after playing his first set a woman came up to him and asked him to be on her team! Uncle Ed’s response? His calendar was already full!
    At one point we strolled on the beach at sunset. Then we heard a cell phone. Was my office calling? Was it one of Frank’s clients needing help? No! It was Uncle Ed’s phone with one of his many friends callig to say hello. He walked and talked and connected happily with the caller.
    Uncle Ed taught me how to play Euchre (is that how it is spelled?). Great game , lots of fun, but he regretted it when my partner and I skunked him and his partner! I giggled like a kid at the magic of learning and playing a new game.
    I am thinking about how I would like to see every day as an opportunity for learning and playing a new game. The rules may change but the game is won the same way each and every time: What makes your heart sing? What makes you smile? What will cause you to giggle, even in the silense of your own mind?
    Oh, I almost forgot one of Ed’s other magical contributuons to the week! We all took turns with cooking dinners. Ed wasn’t into that so he found a wonderful substitute. He made a special trip to the market and came home with the “fixins” for Manhattans, his very special recipe, that is! I have discovered a magical potion that takes the burn out of sun burn, the itch out of mosquito bites, and the edge off of anything that is bothering you, with just a few sips of his smoooth and jubilant concoction!
    I swam along with Uncle Ed one afternoon. We body surfed together and emerged from the ocean holding each other up! What a sight!! In the water we were probaly about 8-10 years old, when we emerged we went back to our respective ages, but we knew we had that magical swim.
    Uncle Ed’s birthday is a day after mine. He is supposed to be in Las Vegas with his son’s that weekend to celebrate. I am hoping to toast him with a Manhattan when he’s in town!

  2. If we take an honest look we really do live a magical life. We have someone by our side that love’s us, and we love so many. As Tony Bennet might say, I’ve got the world on a string, I’m sitting on a rainbow. Best regards, Larry

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