Posted by: smilecoach | August 10, 2007

Magic Equals Miracles

Having a magical life means more to me than just pretending that life is great and that I have a magic wand with which I can make mysterious things happen.  For me magic is synonymous with miracles.  And miracles are synonymous with being connected with the Divine.  Being connected with the Divine means that I have abilities and power that I have not fully explored.  I believe that it is the acceptance and exploration of the connection with the Divine that makes life magical.  Uncle Ed is a beautiful example of accepting and exploring the miracle that we call life. 

Any time you put miracles and the Divine in the same sentence there is a tendency to think of huge events, such as the parting of the Red Sea.  Yes, that was a miracle.  However, I believe that miracles also happen on a smaller scale and more frequently than the parting of the sea.  The question is, “Are you ready to see the lesser miracles that happen regularly?” 

Miracles happen in the gap between stimulus and response where all the possibilities for our lives exist.  Last year my wife and I had planned on spending February in Florida.  We rented a house and were excited about escaping winter in Michigan. I was finally making one of life long dreams come true.   In mid-December the owner of the rental property informed us that he was not going to honor the contract we signed.  He planned on using the house himself.  How could he do this?  It was now too late to find a “nice place”.  They were all gone.  We were furious.  We passed through that emotion quickly and arrived at the question, “I wonder what the Divine has in store for us instead?  What will our next adventure be?”  In less than a month and before the snow really started to fly, my wife had a three- month consulting assignment in Las Vegas.  Not only did we escape the winter, we got paid to do it and we got a wonderful home rent free.  That was not luck, it was a miracle. 

In a recent coaching call with a client I shared my thoughts about deciding to live a magical life and looking for miracles everyday.  With her permission, here  is what she wrote in preparation for our call yesterday. 

This week’s victories:  I have been paying attention to the miracles around me all week and it has given me a real sense of peace and confidence that miracles continue to take palce whether I need or ask for them.  the biggest miracle is that by paying attention to the small things around me I have opened up my opportunities to experience joy throughout my day.  These days seem to last longer as I bask in the new-found pleasure of life.  Teachers are appearing whenever I “risk” a new venture, and my self-confidence is stronger than ever as they validate my growth and build on what I already know/do.  I attended a Yoga class in our local park and I was the only student there that day.  I received 1-1 instruction.  I attended a meditation class which opened up a new perspective on how to “meditate”.  It expanded my ability to focus on my body and senses.  I am excited and energized by the teachers and miracles they allow me to experience.  

I am committed to living a magical life and celebrating the miracles that are always showing up in the gap between stimulus and response.   My request is that you share with others, via this blog, the miracles that are happening in your “magical life”.  Yes, that means you have to look for and accept them.     



  1. Thanks for your message on Magic and Miracles. It’s a good reminder to pay attention to this daily. I am also a Harry Potter fan. One of the things that fascinates me about the stories about Harry and his friends is how simple things happen during their daily lives which they notice and then use to their advantage.

    I know that miracles and magic are really happening all the time. The question is whether I’m willing to look and really see them. It is the awareness, paying close attention, that turns what seems an ‘ordinary’ event into a miracle/magic.

    I’m fascinated by how little things in my life lead me to what I consider a ‘big’ success eventually. I’ve often heard people say it is the little things we do over time that lead to success. I’m beginning to see and experience that. For years I’ve been a teacher, and very active in Rotary and Unity church. I do many ‘little’ things every day. I’m now seeing how all those little things are yielding results today.

    Last year I realized that it was time to change my living situation. (Actually Frank you helped me to see this during our coaching sessions.) I was in an environment that did not feel ‘nurturing’ or healthy for me emotionally and physically.

    In March of this year I felt frustrated because I’d had trouble finding a solution — a new place to live. I became quiet and asked for Guidance. I got the inspiration to ask 2 of my Rotarian friends if they had an apartment for rent, or perhaps needed a manager for any of their many apartment complexes. It took about 60 days I think from that first request to my actually moving in to a nice 2 bedroom apartment that I now have in exchange for managing a 20-apartment complex.

    I’m sure this was a result of the years of doing the things I do that demonstrate my capacity to take on responsiblities and do a good job as a manager.

    This is a good experience for me since my BIG dream is to create a Wellness Center. I’m learning first hand what it takes to create a ‘healthy’ community.

    I’m becoming more aware each day of the things that happen. I’m learning to ask for Guidance to help me understand how these things are helping me achieve my goals and create my dream.

    One of my teachers taught me to say “This too is good, this too is God, this too is there for me, and I demand to see the blessing!”

    There are blessings in every experience. When I take the time to stop, really look, and ask “How is this helping me to achieve my goals?” it makes it easier to see the miracles and magic in my life.

    Thanks Frank for the reminder, and the opportunity to share. When I write it helps me to affirm and clarify what I’ve learned and gained.

  2. Hello Frank!

    Thank you for being a part of our miracle! Through our coaching conversations, you have helped Bryan and I share a beautiful and loving life together. Many thanks!

    Love and joy,
    Anne Marie Soler

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