Posted by: smilecoach | August 28, 2007

Did you break somehting?

“Did you break something?” was the question I asked my wife as I came into the kitchen.  “No, did you?” she replied.  Those two questions were the start of our exciting welcome to Las Vegas.  Last Saturday morning the moving truck arrived at our home in Nevada with the “stuff” we decided to take with us on our adventure in the desert.  By late morning they had unloaded everything and our initial inspection indicated that all of our “stuff” was fine.  To reward ourselves for being up at the crack of dawn to greet the movers and the fact that we were ‘officially’ residents of Nevada, as soon as the movers pulled away, we put on clean clothes and headed out for a nice lunch. 

When we came home, I went immediately to the bathroom and Shelley went to the kitchen to begin unpacking.  While I was in the bathroom I heard glass break.  When I came out of the bathroom, I asked Shelley, “Did you break something?”  You already know her response.  At that point we heard glass break again while we were standing there looking at each other.  Our home is adjacent to a golf course so my next thought was that a golf ball had just hit a window and I headed for the back of the house to see if I was correct.  As I got to the room where the window was broken I hollered back to Shelley, ” Someone hit the window and broke it!”  However, as I took a closer look, I saw a shirt on the window sill.  It wasn’t a golf ball it was a person that had broken the window.  We were in the process of being robbed!!!!  I headed for the front door to see the robber backing down the street at a hight rate of speed. 

I could go on about what unfolded from there but I won’t.  Suffice it to say, we are okay, no one actually got into the house and nothing was stolen. 

As I write this now I can say, “Life is a never ending series of temporary events.”  Our excitement about our ‘adventure in the desert” came crashing down as we realized that the potential for robbery, even in a gated-community with a guard at the front gate.  The fear of not being safe in your own home is unnerving.  We are working on changing our energy, so that we can feel safe once again. 

 In this temporary event, as in others whether they are great or awful, it is our faith that propels us forward.  This is truly an adventure we are on and our intent is to enjoy it or discover a way to change things so that joy does fill our hearts and our lives. 

In future posts I will share some of the wonderful things about Las Vegas and the very interesting natural beauty all around it. (And I am not talking about showgirls.)  Who knows, maybe I will figure out how to post pictures so that you can actually sample the beauty. 

 PS Thanks to all of you who have made comments on previous posts.  You realize you are encouraging me to keep doing this. 



  1. Well, Frank, in the 7 years I have known you, you have never stopped amazing me. I know first-hand, your resistance to focusing on detail, partnering with you on countless retreats, coaching sessions, teleseminars, and phone calls. By overcoming this hurdle, you inspire me to face the very things I have told myself I can’t or don’t have time to do (well). I have a quote in my office I often read by Eleanor Roosevelt. She said, “You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop and look fear in the face. You must do the thing you think you cannot do.”
    I must clarify though. All the work and colaboration we have done together has not suffered because of your lack of focusing on the detail. Quite the opposite, I imagine. It is your ability to open your creative and intuitive channels so magnificently, from truly living in the moment, that I believe to be one of your most valueable G-d given gifts.
    I have simply regretted that your resistance to doing the detail work necessary to publish your work has kept you from having a reach of the thousands ++ that would undoubtedly benefit from your wisdom, talents, and passion for teaching other seekers.
    So congratulations, way to go, whoo-hoo, super-duper, and yee haw, Frank!!! This is a huge break-through!
    Thanks for being a continual source of light, learning, and love in my life!

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