Posted by: smilecoach | September 26, 2007

The Power of the Smile Exercise

At least once per day in my coaching sessions I hear the following:

  1. I keep slipping back into the old fear-based life patterns.  I am making some progress, but I am not where I want to be. 
  1. I can’t seem to do the smile exercise 30 times a day for 30 days. 


When I hear either one of those two statements, my instantaneous internal response is, “Mia Culpa”.   As a coach, I have not found the right way of explaining the power of the smile exercise.  If I had, the frequency with which I here these two statements would diminish.   So, today I thought I would expand on “The Power of the Smile Exerecise”. 

If I translate the first statement regarding ‘slipping back’ what people are really saying is, “Why can’t I make change quicker?  I am focused on it now and it should change immediately!”  I wish it were true that things could change that quickly. We forget that life patterns are the result of receiving the same input over and over again.  The definition of a life patterns is that it is an automatic and predictable emotions and action that follows a given set of inputs.  It is automatic because of the neural pathway that has been burned into our subconscious.  It has become hard-wired inside of us.  In order to change our behavior we must create a new life pattern that has more power than the old one.  If the old life pattern was formed at age 2 and you are now in your forties, the life pattern has been operating for over four decades.  I would say that the life pattern is pretty well ingrained, wouldn’t you?  Why would it change overnight?  It takes repetition and energy to create a new love-based life pattern that has more power than the old fear based one that has operated for over 40 years.  It is time to burn a new program into your brain. 

That leads us to the second statement that I hear daily, “ I can’t seem to do the smile exercise 30 times a day for 30 days.”  If you want to accelerate the pace of change then you have to do the smile exercise 30 times a day for 30 days.  It is the smile that provides the energy to create the new life pattern.   Smiling automatically changes your emotional state.  Deciding to smile is making a conscious choice to elevate the energetic state of your body.  In order to attract to you what you want in your life, you must have life patterns that are energetically in tune with what you want.  We become so accustomed to vibrating at the level of fear, it feels unnatural to have joy and love flowing through us.  Because it is unnatural, ie the ego doesn’t like it, we are reluctant to do it. We have learned to be comfortable feeling fear.   Most of us have been taught that life is a struggle.  How could life be a struggle if you are consistently smiling?  Changing your life is all about managing your emotions so that you consistently vibrate at a high level.  Doing the smile exercise is the key to creating new life patterns.  How long does it take to smile, feel the energy flowing and say, “I easily create joy and abundance in my life.”?  Maybe 5 seconds if you do it very slowly.  So 5 seconds time 30 equals 150 seconds or 2.5 minutes.  Only 2.5 minutes a day to make major changes.   You just have to be fully conscious for 2.5 minutes a day of your emotions and you will create new life patterns.  The smile exercise done frequently provides the energy and repetition to create new life patterns. 

The real ‘secret’ is in the power of smile exercise  to change your life. 

Speaking of smiling, I am smiling because my son Jason and his wife Maria just had beautiful baby girl, Ella Maria Mallinder.  She weighed 8’15” at birth.  All three, son, daughter-in-law and baby are doing fine.  Can you believe it, I have 8 grandchildren?  Joy and abundance flow to me consistently.  Thanks for sharing in my smile. 


  1. I love the math! 5 seconds times 30 equals 150 equals only 2 and a half minutes out of the day! Fabulous!

  2. Linda I hope the math works for you. Please let me know about your successes with the smile exercise.

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