Posted by: smilecoach | October 1, 2007

Blogging Is Harder Than I Thought

My desire is to actively use the blog as a way to engage clients, friends and colleagues about changing your energy and the impact that it can have on life


There is good news and bad news about realizing my hopes for the blog. 


The bad news is to realize my hopes for the blog, I have to really pay attention to what is happening in my life and work, so that I can write about it.  Attention to detail again, ugh!  One of my least favorite things in the world is detail.  I just can’t seem to escape it. 


More bad news.  I can’t just ‘observe’ what is happening, I must sit down and put my thoughts on paper in a form that others can understand.  I must be organized. 


The good news about writing the blog is it forces me to be more conscious about what is happening in my life and in my coaching.  This keeps me thinking and creating.  I love to create. 


More good news.  My life’s mission is to share what I learn.  So the more I create and post on the blog, the more I am fulfilling my mission.   Whenever I am living my mission, my energy goes up and I get more joy out of life. 


In the end the blog helps me deal with the fear-based life-patterns I have about how attention to detail restricts my freedom.  The smile exercise is a part of creating the life patterns that support my soul.  Another part is action.  No big actions, just little actions such as writing a blog.  When you add small actions to the smile exercise there is a synergy that accelerates your ability to manifest the life you were intended to live. 


What little actions, regardless of how much you dislike them, can you add to your weekly routine in order to create the life you want? 


The essence of freedom is discipline.    



  1. Congrats on the new blog!

    Blogging can be challenging, but I think and hope you will find it to be rewarding.

    Allow me to share a story:

    In college, I took a graduate-level class in Philosophy in which the Professor allowed us, as a class, to vote on the topic we would study all semester. We chose “dreams” as our topic. It was a fascinating class. The Professor broke the class down into small groups; each of which was tasked with studying a certain aspect of dreams- dreams throughout history, dreams throughout religion, drams in literature- you get the idea.

    My idea was that my small group would look at dreams from the perspective of the dreamer (believe me, the Prof. was skeptical). In order to do this, we all kept dream journals- a notebook by the bed or other handy place in which to record our memories of our dreams. One thing I noticed immediately was that the simple act of trying to remember my dreams made for more memorable dreams.

    Blogging is similar- the more I think about writing about my daily experiences, the more I remember about the things which transpired in my day. I also find I am highly attuned to seeing connections and recognizing patterns in the events that swirl around us. I notice that my memory and recall of details is sharper, probably sharper than ever. No matter how much information I take in and process, it’s never too much. In fact, it’s never enough. There’s simply too much to experience, to see and to do.

    Blogging has made me a more aware and engaged person, but, like anything else worth doing, it requires work. And it can be discouraging when others do not react to your work in the way you might expect. For every comment left on my blog, I have probably written 5,000 words. Not a high ROI, but then again, the writing itself- and the mental discipline it requires- have become their own reward!

    Keep at it! Keep a notebook handy to jot down ideas as they come. Develop themes which you can return to again and again, thus building a depth in your body of work and worldview for others to share.

    Oh, and make sure you’re HAVING FUN!

  2. Hey Frank…oh so wise and fabulous coach…I’m smiling…big time!

    Freedom for me is bold self-expression..livin’ large, livin’ with passion and purpose and squeezin’ the juice.

    Writing my blog is part of that process. And, it gives me an opportunity to pay tribute to mentors and coaches like YOU!!

    Be sure to take a look.

    My Newsletter tribute to the oh so fabulous Coach Frankie…

  3. Hey Nikkos… thanks for the thoughts on making blogging easier. You are right the more I think about writing what is happening to me on a daily basis, the more I am tuned into what is happening around me. Blogging is one of the things you can do to shift from surviving in an unconscious life to thriving in a conscious life. If anyone is thinking about creating a blog, I encourage you to do it.

  4. Tuck you are my idol when it come to learning to live with bold self-experession. I encourage everyone to go to her blog and website.

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