Posted by: smilecoach | November 14, 2007

How Big is Your Screen?

Pretend for a second that your mind is a TV and your thoughts are projected onto a screen.  Okay, got the picture?  Take a close look at the screenin your mind, is it a 17 inch black and white screen with one small speaker or is it a 60 inch High Definition Plasma with surround sound?


In case you haven’t already realized it, you are constantly projecting your life on a screen inside of your head.  Day in and day out in your mind you are playing the story of your life.  Your story is determined in a large part by the life patterns that your have.  If you have predominately fear-based life-patterns stored in your subconscious, then you are watching your life on a 17 inch screen with a quality of sound that is poor. Not to mention the fact that you keep seeing the same types of programs over and over again.  There seems to be no end to the reruns.  You keep asking your self, “When does the new season begin?” 


If your subconscious is populated with love/joy based life-patterns, then you are in the midst of watching a spectacular never ending series of new adventures on a 60 inch HD with surround sound that is so wonderful you can’t stand it.  As you are probably aware the circuitry in a 60 inch HD is much different than the circuitry in a 17 inch Black and White TV.  So if you want a 60” HD life, then you need to make sure you have the circuits installed that are capable of handling all of the energy that high definiton generates. 


It is the smile exercise and its repetition, combined with actions that move you in the direction you want to go, that will create the high energy circuits needed for an engaging, ever-changing, surround sound life. 


For the next 48 hours, I request that you pay attention to the nature of the screen on to which your mind projects your life.  My desire for you is that the screen is at least a 60 inch HD and the sound is awesome.  If not, get busy creating new circuits.   



  1. Hello Honey! I had to make a comment being the “geek” that I am. In the IT world we are seeing everything going to the digital and wireless world, requiring the cabling, the swithces and the devices at the other end to change. There are technical standards, but it will take years to get everyting to that standard and then it will change again. I could get all caught up in the tactics of those changes but I prefer to think about the big picture, the 3-5 year road map and the milestones it takes to create the technology vision for the company and the people who use technology. I think it might be similar for us who are looking at ways to chage to the HD TV view of our lives. Where is it that you dream of going? What is the story that you want to experience? If you could hire a screen writer and you got to choose the plot and be the main character would it be a comedy or a trajedy? How much drama do you want in your life? I prefer adventure. That’s fun and exciting and positive. It opens doors of learning and experience. So on my 60 inch HD TV with surround sound, the plot is a beautiful, joyous story full of adventure. In fact my circuitry is so sophisticated I have smellavision and texture vision. It’s a full sense experience! When you start thinking about that and the delights of your story and dreams, I think it makes it a lot easier to smile! When you are delighted, tickled by events, surprised in a delicious way you can’t avoid smiling! Right? I am smiling right now just contemplating these ideas. It’s that smile that lights up your eyes, your heart and starts the circuitry humming. I have learned that it also the actions you take that make a huge difference. Many years ago I faced some tough personal; decisions. I started with some baby step actions that only I saw but they started me on a path to health and joy. One of those actions was to buy myself a key chain with a little symbol on it that bore the word “courage”. I rubbed that stone for 3 years thinking, praying and then finally starting to act with courage! That gave me the gift of being able to take more actions: like telling trusted people what was going on in my life and then getting help and support while I worked on the next steps. One step. one action leades to another and another along the road map of life. The fulfilling life is fueled by the smile exercise. It is the constant.
    So what’s my point? Oh yeah: once you start recognozing that you are going to have to change your picture tube and the circuitry as well, you should start planning for the next upgrade. Because the road keeps rolling along and there will continue to be innovative changes along the way!
    If you want to have the ride of your life, pack up your smile and go!
    Love from your joyous and smiling wife!!

  2. Well, you’ve done it again, Frank. An analogy that will surely be another tool to keep me choosing the path of joyful connections, faith and love. I use the Smile Exercise daily: everytime I catch myself heading towards a fearful thought, and like magic, my energy shifts. The key of course is to catch myself feeling fear as quickly as possible so that I can process what the fear is and replace it with a higher vibration.

    In my office, I can easily turn to gaze at one of my walls where I have my Life Cycle, a callouge I have put together of beautiful images and inspiring words, all chosen because they visually capture my dreams and my passion.
    What I love about your analogy of using a HD 60″ TV to visualize the life I desire is the very idea of raising to high circuit energy for visualizing my love-based pictures. My Life Cycle (some call it a Dream Board) is powerful for me but I now realize I have been seeing the pictures static. The idea of transporting them to a 80″ HD screen (I just stayed in a B & B with a tv that size so why not make it that big!) is about creating more energy behind those pictures. The images now come alive so much more. I love it!

    Oh, and Sheleen, I really like what you said, “If you want to have the ride of your life, pack up your smile and go!” Sounds like that man you live with is having a positive influence on you! Go figure!

    I will take on your challenge, Frank, and pay extra attention to the “movies” I am running for these next few days. This will be fun! I am planning a smart witty romantic comedy adventure series with a very happy ending!
    Better get back to my sand box…
    Love & Light,

  3. Sheleen, you are absolutely right. You do get to choose the story of you life and how it plays out. Not only do you get to choose it, you get to write it. I love that you added smellavision and texturevision to the TV. I’ll have to remember that when I am coaching

    It takes courage to keep taking the small steps for three years to create the circuitry that matches what you want in your life. I for one am delighted that you did. When you combine the smile exercise with actions, your life must and will change.

    Sherri, thanks for accepting the challenge. I look forward to hearing the outcome. Your idea of expanding the TV to 80 inches is wonderful. I am delighted that this analogy added more energy to your dreams.

  4. Whatever the size of my screen, I’ve always like to see my screen content be very organized. I could always get everything to fit into a smaller-sized screen and be proud of the conservation of screen space and minimization of empty space on the screen. Until recently. It all began several years ago, probably after those first conversations with Frank on the third floor. The thoughts have been percolating daily, for over 2000 days. I now am not concerned about the organization of what is on the screen, I am focused that my screen displays the right things. And guess what happened……I needed a larger screen because all of the things that were the right things no longer fit. Sometimes I cannot see the edges of the screen, and that’s OK, as long as I know that my view is clear and correct. I now want the thoughts to be even larger, reaching off of the edges of the screen as it is today. I believe it can and will be done. My screen is not large enough if I can see beyond it.

  5. Excellet analogy. Brings it home real quickly.Visualiziing what would be up there makes you think twice about the negativity. Shared it with a friend and asked him “What would you prefer to watch” The constant reruns of stuck in negativity or the exciting adventures of unlimited creativity being positive. SMILE – you are on candid camera!

  6. Yeah Mike! You have shown a lot of courage in creating the life of your dreams. I couldn’t be happier for you. I can see that wonderful smile on your face as you wrote your comment.

    Letting go to create a picture that requires a screen that is as big as the gifts God has given us is a challenge that we all face. Having a mission statement for your life is the beginning of needing a larger screen.

    The third floor Mike is referring to is the office I used to have in Naperville. It was on the third floor of what was once a home and had been converted into office space. Thanks Mike for reminding me of that office. The office was part of my expanding the size of my screen to have an office outside of the house. In addition to doing coaching there, I conducted numerous workshops in that very cozy space. Lots of great memories.

    Patricia it is great to hear from you. Thanks for sharing the analogy with a friend. You are right we are always on candid carmera, tranmitting our energy.

  7. Well, as usual, I take one look at your focused idea of one big, beautiful HD screen and find that I have far too many picture in picture miniscreens in it. Keeping out the buzz of so many little PIPs is a constant challenge for me, and I know is frustrating to me lately. I love the moving visual concept as well, rather than a static set of pictures. I’ll be working on getting the PIPs out of my screen so I can relax a little. Nice visual, Frank. Very creative. Thanks!

  8. Coach Frank,

    Everyone of these people connected with you are seemingly plugged in to a SURGE protector. May you envision a really large one, because you are
    “Simply the best, the sky is the limit, you control your destiny, your future begins today, be your own best friend, others will follow. Be proud of your accomplishments.”

    Seeking Over The Top,

    Susan Brown

  9. Hey Susan! No need for a surge protector, the world needs all of the Living On Vibrant Energy(LOVE) we can generate. It is a delight to see the energy expand in you.

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