Posted by: smilecoach | December 6, 2007

What Is the Book Really About?

For over three years I have been “writing” a book on Change Your Energy – Change Your Life.  Well that is not exactly correct.  If I were to be factual about the statement, I haven’t been writing for three years, I wrote on and off for a year and one half.  For the past year and a half I have been stuck and added very little to the 70 plus pages that I had written.  Several of you, who are reading this, are very much aware of my being stuck and lack of forward progress on the book. 

I know that the application of the principles of Life Patterns and the Smile Exercise generate a gestalt for people and that lives are changed.  However, I haven’t been able to fully describe what is happening to me and others when the concepts are applied.  A major reason for writing the blog was to get unstuck.  I sensed that when I started writing about what I talk about every day, clarity would follow.  In addition to writing the blog, I have also been mediating on becoming unstuck and finding the words to articulate the concept.  And of course I have been smiling, feeling the energy flowing through me while declaring, “I easily complete my writing projects.” 

It has been very frustrating for me to listen to other authors who have developed powerful concepts that draw people into learning more about what they do. 

That is the bad news. 

The good news is that I am no longer stuck.  I am creating the space in life to write and I am making notes that will lead to writing the rest of the book.  To that end, today several things became clear to me:

1.  Everyone of us has a soul and our soul contains within it a plan/dream that will maximize the unique talents that we possess. Somewhere around the age of 40, the ache inside of us becomes to strong to continue to ignore .  We realize that there is an untapped talent/potential and we want to experience it.  The ache in our souls is accompanied by an absence of joy in our lives.  The plan in our souls is not being fulfilled.  We feel “stuck”! 

2.  Our life is determined by our ability to consistently experience joy. 

3.  Emotion followed by action that is consistent with the plan is mandatory to relieve the ache in our soul. 

4.  If one, two and three are correct, then you must learn to consistently generate the emotion of love/joy while taking actions that move you in the direction of the plan/dream. 

5.  It takes courage to do it. 

There will be a book titled “Change Your Energy – Change Your Life”!



  1. Finding Joy. Very true! 3 years ago while camping in the awesome Glacier Park in Montana with some high school buddies. I was asked, “what percent of my job was joy and what percent was paycheck” That lead me to really beging the emotional survey of what else was clling me in my life to do. Other things bring us joy. An unlimited number of things. We must first realize those things ….both small and enormous! The action may not need to be a strain. The distance to travel may be right in front of us. The fact is….identify joy, then receive it!

  2. Soul – Joy – Emotion – Soul – Joy – Emotion – Soul – Joy – Emotion… Spin it faster….

    Agree to be satisfied with nothing less. Get what feeds the soul. The ups and downs of joy and sorrow can be confusing and sometimes discouraging. So go to the emotions cupboard and see what you have. Change the environment…go to the gorcery store, the library, drive with all of the windows down, have a glass of single malt scotch, buy a pie, walk the dog, have a fluffernutter sandwich…whatever it takes to get that circulation of souljoyemotion spinning as fast as possible.

    I make it spin. I make it spin faster even when things are good. Faster is better. More emotion, more joy. More for the soul.

    When you listen to the radio in the car, listen to a station that is playing songs that you know so you can sing all of the words. Then sing all of the words. Loud. Very loud.

  3. I find the most exquisite joy in the smallest of things from my life now. When I began to notice through my coaching with you last year, that we can understand our own nature and treat it very carefully, we become much clearer as to what pleases us and begin to “attract” that pleasure naturally.

    It takes a lot of cleaning out the “clutter” on the outside to get to the good stuff on the inside. “Weeding out” and enjoying the simplicity of an autumn colored leaf or a beautiful new pink spring blossom can be difficult to see when covered up by an overgrown garden.

    So true is the saying “reap what you sow”…. so now I sow nothing but beautiful things as much as possible. If I reap what I sow and embrace the results of my own actions, passions, love and give meaning to what really matters to me, when it’s pure and good, I feel true joy. If I ignore my surroundings and my good nature, I reap what I sow and my life unravels in a negative way. I become blinded by want rather than seeing what I already have and gratefully appreciating it.

    I think becoming oneself in a consistant state joy must be the most difficult state of mind to find. The most profound part though is, once it is found, it seems the easiest state to maintain.

  4. Thanks Mike, Terri and Linda for your comments. Finding those small things that are around us all of the time that bring us joy can be a challenge. Once you have begun to experience joy, you no longer have an option of ignoring it in your life.

    Soul, joy, emotion is a formula for an abundant life. Great wat to express it!

    One way to open yourself up to more is when you are walking anywhere, look up and around at the tops of building, trees, etc. Don’t look at the sidewalk in front of you. Downward eye movements cause you to think of the past and perhaps be stuck there.

  5. Yes, yes, yes!!! I agree and concur with all that you write in this posting. The only thing I am not sure about is the age at which this “stuckness” begins. Not that you are wrong. Just that I think the age is relative.

    What you describe of what needs to occur–an emotion of joy to inspire an action that then creates change is what I experience multiple times a day. If I am paying close attention, I catch it and can change my vibration so quickly, it’s a miracle! Some times I am blown away at how powerful my old patterns are and how the familar feeling of low energy just settles in. It’s like a gas, no smell or visibility but boy can I feel it.

    My best days are when I start early paying myself first. I work out, taking great care of my body and take the time to meditate. Those days start and end high!
    Someone gave me the calendar page on my birthday as my card last week from one of those inspiring-messages-of-day calendars that said, “It is with joy that I digest the experiences of life.”

    How perfect is that?!

  6. Sherri, you are so right about the importance of starting the day with joy in your heart. I loved your analogy of fear based life patterns being like natural gas, no evidence they are there, but they drag you down. I think I will borrow that one the next time I am explaining life patterns.

    Perhaps the best part of blogging for me is how all of you build on the ideas that are put out there.

  7. It’s so easy to stay stuck when it happens. I find that when I am stuck, my fear-based past keeps me from digging deep enough to find the internal problem, and instead I focus on something external, believing it is the part that is keeping me stuck. The comments/solutions which continue your thoughts validate the tools I am striving to use to keep me moving, and unstuck!

  8. Yeah Claudia!! I am delighted that you are continuing to use the tools. It is never the external that keeps us stuck. It is always what is happening internally that keeps us stuck. Anytime you are ‘blaming’ something outside of you for what you are feeling, feel again. Ask yourself, “What is the fear here?”

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