Posted by: smilecoach | January 4, 2008

The Ghost of Christmas Past

This Christmas I was visited by the ‘Ghost of Christmas Past’.  The Ghosts of the Present and the Future didn’t appear.  The Ghost of Christmas Past appeared in the form of a much younger Frank in his high school and college years.  The Ghost reminded me of all the term papers that were always due right after the holiday.  It showed me how I spent most of the Christmas break worrying about what to write and only occasionally working on the paper. 


In four decades you’d think that I would l have learned something about using my time over the holiday.  Well I didn’t.  My wife and I spent the holiday at our home in Michigan and visiting kids and grand kids.  We had a wonderful time.  When I wrote the last post on this blog on December 20th, my intention was to use the Christmas break to formulate a full proof method for making New Year’s Resolutions come true.  As you probably have guessed, all I achieved on that ‘earth stopping’ piece was thinking and no writing. 


Today, back in my office in Las Vegas, knowing that I was running out of time to write about New Year’s Resolutions, it occurred to me that I was approaching this from the wrong perspective.  Creating a powerful way to keep resolutions is not the solution.  Not writing resolutions is the answer!  So,  


On this 3rd day of 2008 I resolve not to make any more New Year’s Resolutions.


Instead of focusing on something out of the past, I am going to work on the present, knowing that it will create the future.  I know there are three keys to creating a present that is joyful and abundant.  They are:


  1. A mission statement for my life that I am actively living.
  2. A vision statement that outlines the preferred future.
  3. Love-Based life patterns that support 1 and 2.    


In the next seven days I intend to check to make sure that my mission statement is still on target, update my vision statement to reflect my current reality and make sure that I have at least 3 smile exercises to support my mission statement and facilitate the fulfillment of my vision statement. 


Words have power.  I choose to focus on what I want to create and be, not on what I think should be fixed. 


Surprise, once again the ‘Ghost of Christmas Past’ succeeds in teaching a lesson. 



  1. Frank, in my opinion you are definitely on the right track…

    Rather than the traditional “lose weight, study more, change this or that…”, my Resolution last year was to see myself in the positive light other’s see me in. Every time I heard a comment about my strengths, rather than fluff them off I took them (literally) to heart. It works! Words have power.

    I just read in “Eat, Pray, Love” about Balinese meditation… SIT and SMILE. Hey, Frank! Are you the Medicine Man, Ketut Liyer’s, coach??? I think you and he have a lot in common!

    Happy New Year (BIG Smile!!)

  2. Thanks for the confirmation Mickie. What is your resolution this year? I will have to read “Eat, Pray, Love”. No doubt about it, smiling has a very powerful impact.

  3. What a terrific analogy–GHOSTS/haunting life patterns!
    At least until we have the benefit of awareness AND tools to change those ghosts! (THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!)

    Your words “I choose to focus on what I want to create and be rather than what I think should be fixed” hit me like a semi in the stomach!
    From this moment on, I am done being a repair lady! That is NOT a resolution, by the way 🙂

    And I’m thanking you for the permission to NOT make resolutions (which I’d already broken anyway!)

    2008 will be the SPLASHIEST YEAR ever!!!

  4. Great posting, honey! I love the process we share with our mission and goals as a couple, as well as the individual ones we do for ourselves! It makes starting the new year the start of a wonderful and fantastic adventure!
    I love you!

  5. I am glad you are planning on a splashy 2008 Jan. Congratulations on giving up the repair worl. I am sure that will make your life easier.

  6. Yeah, it is always a huge plus when my wife likes what I write. Our goal setting process has certainly worked very well. I wonder what our big adventure will be this year? Whatever it is Sheleen, I am sure we will enjoy it. Thank you for the post and the love.

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