Posted by: smilecoach | January 26, 2008

Did You Know?

I was searching the web today for research on smiling and I came across this list of facts on smiling.  I thought you might find the list interesting.  If you’d like to test your knowledge about smiling, read the facts listed below and check yes or no as to whether you knew the fact before you read it.  When it comes to knowledge about the smile, are you ready to be a certified Change Your Energy facilitator or a candidate for antidepressants?

More Facts About Smiling

A smile as a universal expression of happiness and recognize that such by all cultures.  Yes_No_

A smile is the most frequently used facial expression.  It takes as few as five pairs of facial muscles, and as many as all fifty three to smile.  Yes_No_

Regardless of the precise number of muscles used, smiling causes far fewer muscles to contract and expanded than frowning.  Yes_No_

Smiling releases endorphins and makes us feel better.  Yes_No_

Even ‘faking’ a smile can lead to feeling better.  Yes_No_

People are born with the ability to smile.  We don’t copy the expression, even babies who are born blind, smile.  Yes_No_

Babies reserve special smiles (Duchenne smiles of joy and happiness) for their loved ones.  Yes_No_

A newborn shows a preference for a smiling face over a nonsmiling face.  Yes_No_

Women the smile more than men.  Yes_No_

Younger people smile more than older people.  American males with high testosterone smile, least of all.  Yes_No_

There are 18 different kinds of smiles use a variety of social situations.  Yes_No_

Human beings can differentiate between the felt ( Duchenne) smile ( of joy and happiness) and antisocial smile –‘ it’s in the eyes.’ (literally).  Yes_No_

A smiling person is judged to be more pleasant, attractive, sincere, sociable, and competent than a nonsmiling person.  Yes_No_

A person who studies laughter is called a “Gelotologist”.  Yes_No_

If you marked between-
12 – 14  yes answers, you should be a Change Your Energy Facilitator
8  –  11  yes answers, you are probably a successful graduate of Change Your Energy
5  – 7     yes answers, you need to attend a Change Your Energy Teleclass
0  – 4    yes answers, you are too busy to be interested in being joyful and you are a candidate for antidepressants. 

What a poserful thing the smile is.  And it is Free!!!

When you combine the smile with an affirmative declarations, you have the formula for CHANGING YOUR ENERGY AND CHANGING YOUR LIFE. 

If you have other interesting facts about smiling, please feel free to foward them to me or just post them here. 

“Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, all of the time your smile can be the source of your joy.”  adpated from a quote by Thich Nhat Hanh.   



  1. How much fun! I scored 9 and do consider myself a successful graduate thanks to you Frank. I am now very aware of smiling while I am talking to people on the phone….and some people ask me what’s wrong if I am forgetting to smile….they feel it for sure.

  2. Congratulations Whitehawk on your score and more importantly on your smile. We teach others what to expect from us. In your case they now expect joy.

    I encourage everyone to pay attention to what you feel when you are in someone’s presence. This is a part of communicating that gets little attention.

    Secondly pay attention to what you are communicating/transmitting to others. Notice if the words match what you feel. Others feel what we communicate. When words and feelings don’t align, we start to not trust the person.

    Thanks again Whitehawk for taking the quiz.

  3. Hi Frank – I scored a 13 – I should have Googled “Gelotologist”. While I am in no way qualified facilitate anything (even with my near perfect score) I am lucky to be blessed with a quick and easy smile, and when I smile, I mean it. Remember, “When you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands?” Smiling is much quieter : )
    I’ve enjoyed reading all of the entries in your blog – thanks for sharing your insights.

  4. Hi there! I took the test and of course smiled all the way through it! Great post, honey!

    Love, Sheleen

  5. Congratulations Sly on scoring a 13. Yes you are blessed with quick and beautiful smile. Thanks for taking the time to post a comment.

  6. Hey oh so fabulous and wise coach!

    We’re talking about you and your fun “Smile Test” over at The Rebel Belle Blog.

    Thanks for sharing this. I actually scored a 14. I’ve been smiling so wide my teeth are beginning to hurt. Love to you and gratitude to you for all the awesome work you do in the world.

  7. Wow thanks for this. I love the info. I did score high but those facts I did not know I am glad you have brought them to my attention.

    Keep up the great work!

    Sandra Hersey
    Life Coach for Women

  8. I am glad you enjoyed the post Sandra. I hope you come back soon.

  9. Hey Tuck! Thanks for the referral. It is always a delight to know that you read my blog. I encourage everyone to checkout The Rebel Belle blog.

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