Posted by: smilecoach | March 1, 2008

Surf’s UP!

Yes the surf is up.  The new picture in the header was taken 2 weeks ago at Anini Beach on the Garden Island of Kauai. 


Not only was the surf up, it was roaring all day and night long.  The waves were often 10 -20 feet high and the sound they made as they crashed against the lava rocks made my senses tingle.  Not to mention the visual spectacular of watching the surf rush under the lava on the shore and then explode through an opening in the rocks and soar up the cliff (see picture).  The cliff in this shot is at least 70 feet high and the surf frequently sprayed to the top of the cliff as it pounded the shore.  We were blessed to be able to experience this for six days.


I always feel energized when I go to the beach.  This time it was more profound than usual.  Perhaps it was because I had not seen or heard the ocean be that tumultuous for so long a period of time.  Whatever the cause, the outcome was wonderful.  I can still feel the power that I experienced when I took the picture and the energy it created in me. 


If you have spent time at the beach, you know that when the surf is up, there are always wonderful surprises left on the beach when the tide retreats.  Anini beach is protected by a coral reef, so at low tide we found wonderful and beautiful little pieced of coral that had broken off and washed ashore.  So in addition to the auditory and visual delights of the surf, I had the pleasure of discovering natural treasures on the beach. 


When I connect with energy of nature, it always causes my creativity to flow.  This trip was no exception.  I am looking forward to sharing those insights when I launch a new teleclass next week  titled “Quantum Change – The secret to joy and abundance”. 


My wish for you is that you can find a source for renewal as powerful as what I experienced in Kauai.  If you have or you do, please let me know so that I can share it with others.  If you haven’t found it or aren’t looking for it, I encourage you to begin the process of finding a way to re-create yourself. 



  1. Frank, We have found that source of renewal here in Taos and are definately reinventing ourselves! We don’t even want to leave here to go anywhere else. I have yet to find anyone who can describe the energy here…and that’s a good thing. Life is Good.
    My Love Always, WhiteHawk

  2. Dear Frank ,
    i agree with you when i am in nature i am so concted my home town is a farm with water spring that fill the pool when i swim in it i am joy love light all the thing you might imagan with lots of gift from the palm tree to feed us , i will send some picture and some Dates ,
    in God love and light

  3. Whitehawk, it is always a pleasure to hear from you. Congratulaions on having the courage to move to Taos. I am delighted that it is working so well. What if you were to capture the energy of Taos on canvas?

  4. Hi Nora! Thanks for responding to my post. I hope your search for the right use of your talents continues to progress. I look forward to seeing the pictures of your home.

  5. Reading your blog and the responses were like a lovely drink of cold water this morning. I have experienced the thrill you describe at my own home while rocking on our raft at the lake where I was born, just enjoying. I have been filled with overwhelming joy and gratitude and it is wonderful to hear someone else describe it and to begin to understand it. Yeah!

    Thank you.

  6. interesting read-Surf’s Up.
    In my life I have encouraged many to ‘live out of their faith, not fear’…my experience is we all have a core-the ‘who of who we are’…and a broken part in us, and a part that has learned in the process.
    Is your ‘gap-ability’ the continuim of emotion we choose to reside in?
    I think we are on the same page, just different dialect?
    I appreciate that you do not encourage folks to ignore or deny, but choose and overcome…
    thanks for the read.

  7. Hi Janine. Thanks for the commet. Yes, Gapability is about the continum of emotion. It is also about making a conscious choice about the size of the gap in which you are living. There are always more possibilities for our lives than most of us take the time to see. Please continue reading and posting Janine.

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