Posted by: smilecoach | March 25, 2008

The Energy of Learning

My last post was about the energy of the surf, today I am writing about a different energy – the energy of learning. 

Two weeks ago my bride and I had the pleasure of spending a few days vacationing in Sun Valley, Idaho with my daughter and her two kids.  It was a skiing trip that produced several unexpected gifts.  The first gift was that I was able to ski with my 5 year old Granddaughter, Makenna.  No, I wasn’t her first instructor; a very talented young man employed by the ski school at Dollar Mountain had that honor.  The ski instructor did a marvelous job of teaching her the basics, including how to get on and off the chair lift.  After Makenna’s initial lesson on Saturday, we skied together for two days.  The difference from our first time down the hill, to the last run on the second day was amazing.  On our first try, I had to ski about 10 feet in front of her, stop, turn around and catch her as she skied to me.  The last trip down the hill, on the second afternoon, she jumped off the chair lift and requested that I wait at the top of the hill while she went down on her own.  Of course I wasn’t willing to do that; instead I skied about 100 feet behind her.  As I followed her, I was surprised to see her skiing over small bumps attempting to, as the skiers say, “catch some air”.    The learning that had taken place was phenomenal.  In case you are wondering, grandpa is way past the stage of “catching air”. 

Those two days of skiing were a gift on many levels.  The obvious gift was the joy of skiing with my Granddaughter and having so much one on one time with her.  It is not often, as a grandpa, that I get that kind of time with one of my Grandkids.  Wow, what a thrill!  The second gift was part of the first, but not so obvious, it was the delight I got from being part of her learning experience.   For me, there is no greater feeling than to be part of helping someone learn something that brings a smile to their face and joy to their heart.  The energy that surrounds those events is unique.  A sense of connection occurs that is very special. 

The third gift was that I had to learn something as well.  I had to learn how to coach a five year old, who was just learning to ski.  That pushed me to rethink how I get on and off the lift and get down the hill while making sure that Makenna was safe.  I felt anxious as I learned something new.   I will admit that I was very nervous the first couple of times.  What if I messed up helping her on the lift?  What if she got scared while we were skiing and as a result she didn’t trust me?  Then I remembered, smile, breath and enjoy the process.  None of my ‘what if’s’ came true.  

Fortunately, everyday I get to experience the energy of helping others to learn and being pushed to learn something new myself.  I sincerely thank each of you that have participated in that process with me. 

How about you, are you experiencing the energy of coaching others to learn and feeling the push of having to learn yourself?  Are you recognizing those opportunities when they come along?  Jump in, the water is fine. 



  1. Dear frank , experiencing the energy of coaching others to learn is so pure that every time you coach you start feeling this purty building up in you and others and when its in fullness you over welm with joy and realiztion of what you learn for your self ,
    somthing to injoy you allways like my prayer it is for you wise coach ( أستودعك اللة

  2. Hi Frank
    What a perfect surprise it was to find your much needed e-mail with your blog link this morning! I am feeling the real estate market challenges these days and your words are a welcome confirmation for me that I don’t have to “catch air” to get over the “what if” bumps of the market right now….. that I can learn more about myself, my business and teach others what I know from experience, while completely enjoy the process along the way. Thanks for the wise reminder! : )

  3. Hi Nora. Thanks for the comment. I know that you have experienced the energy of coaching and my wish is that you contiue to do more of it.

    Terriann it sounds like you have taken more from this post than I could have ever hoped for. Congratulations on your insights. Your response is a perfect example of increasing your Gapability. You have ‘decided’ to see possibilities and enjoy your life. Yeah!!!! If I had a Gapability sticker I would send you one.

  4. Frank (Dad 🙂

    I have to say I was nervous the first couple of times as I watched my sweet girl learn to fly down the hill. But the trust I have in you helped me to let go.

    Thank you for teaching her something she now loves.

    What I learned was that I was capable of flying cross country with two toddlers. I even had fun.

    Love Jari

  5. Hi Jari,

    Thanks for letting go so that I could expeience the joy of skiing with Makenna. Letting go has been a tough thing for me to learn. Whether it is with my kids or other areas of life, control is not an easy thing for me to give up. I am pleased that my daughter is learning it at a much younger age than I did.

    I am delighted that you had fun traveling. Yeah Jari!!!!!!

  6. What beautiful “prescence” in your story. To be so completely present to someone / something truly IS a gift….

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