Posted by: smilecoach | April 16, 2008

What’s the plan for today?

“What’s the plan for today?”  That’s usually one of the first interchanges I have with my wife every Saturday and Sunday.  However, it is not the question you think it is. 


‘What’s the plan?’ has nothing to do with what are the tasks for today.  It is really code for “What’s the adventure for today?”  And last Sunday when I asked in code, “What is the plan for today?” Sheleen’s reply was, “I am not sure, but let’s do something.”  It wasn’t to long until she was reading aloud from the newspaper about a little town called Nelson in the Eldorado Canyon.  The article said that the desert flowers are beautiful at this time of year and it is only a short distance from Las Vegas.  “Great, I am up for that!” was my response. 


Let’s skip forward to Monday morning when I was conducting a teleclass.  The class is part of a series on Napoleon Hill’s classic book, Think and Grow Rich.  The topic of the chapter was the brain and how it is both a transmitter and a receiver.  Over the years I have studied and talked innumerable times about the human ability to transmit and the Law of Attraction.  So for that class, I choose to do something different.  I focused on the brain being a receiver.   


As I prepared for the class, I was inspired to create the Law of Receiving.  It states that you will always receive what you are prepared for and open to receive.  What good is it if you are sending all those wonderful messages into the universe and you are not prepared for the response?  I am sure you have all heard the story about the fellow who drowned in a flood.  When he arrived at the Pearly Gates and was greeted by St. Peter, he inquired as to why God had not answered his prayers to be rescued when he was stranded on his roof top?  St. Peter replied, “We sent a row boat, a power boat and a helicopter.  To all three you said, “No thanks God will save me.” 


Obviously, he was not prepared to receive that for which he asked. 


I have asked that my life be an adventure that is full of learning and discovery. 


I didn’t forget about Nelson, Nevada.  The adventure of seeing magnificent desert flowers and quaint little town wasn’t quite what we expected.  Yes, there were flowers, but not many.  The town consisted of a handful of double-wide mobile homes and a narrow dirt ‘Main Street’.  Not quite what we had requested/hoped for.  We were literally at the fork in the road and we had to decide if we were open to receive other possibilities on this adventure.  Should we proceed further down in the canyon?  We choose to continue.  That afternoon we encountered an abandon gold mine, an old general store with tons of memorabilia, and spectacular rock formations that can only be found in the Southwest. Oh, and lots more flowers.   It was a very rewarding adventure. 


Saying yes at the fork in the road isn’t always easy for me.  The restrictive fear based life patterns are disappearing.  More and more I am saying yes and putting the Law of Receiving to work.  When I put a gap between stimulus and response, the Divine is always there to fill it with possibilities. 


Are you ready to receive what you have been asking for? 








  1. Hi Honey! I loved this particular entry. The idea of receiving is very meaningful because I think we are all getting messages and gifts all the time. Too often our antennae are clogged or busy broadcasting. Interesting that God gave us one mouth and two ears! Maybe that is a message to listen twice as much as we talk!
    We continue to take new forks in the road, mostly not quite sure where they will lead us but clear that we are on the road together and wherever we wander is sure to be FANTASTIC in every way. When we first met I gave you a polished stone with one word on it: YES! I remember saying: keep this. It is the my answer to all your questions! Wow! At the time I didn’t know where that came from but I have sense learned that I instictively knew I was open to all your possibilities. Thank You God!!
    Love, Sheleen

  2. Hi Frank: I was in Barnes and Noble yesterday, looking for a very specific book, which is apparently only sold online. Since I was already in the store, I endulged one of my favorite activities that I inherited from my mother: I looked at each and every title in the section on Leadership (the topic du jour). I have developed the habit of pulling books from the shelf and opening them to any page and reading it… not with the intention of determining a book’s value, but to satisfy my curiosity.
    I found the following paragraph about the best way to trap a monkey. Apparently, you bury a narrow necked bottle in the ground and fill it with nuts. The monkey will surely reach into the bottle to retrieve the nuts, but will be unable to remove his now fisted hand without dropping the nuts. Those nuts can represent so many things in our lives – old ideas, past bad relationships, bad habits, the list is endless. Without letting go of our nuts, or baggage, we will be trapped – forced to stay just where we are in our lives. I can happily say that I’ve dropped a good number of nuts in the recent past and I’m all the better for it. I always find your thoughts so “relatable” and I appreciate you sharing them with the rest of us.
    Love, Sly

  3. As usual I am able to apply your thoughts to situations in my life. I was chatting with encouragement partners the other day about being excited to advance but fearful of getting ovewhelmed by what that success will bring. Hmmmm….fear based…..not allowing myself to receive!!! Allowing myself to be open to what I know success will bring me but not believing and allowing myself to accept it.
    Love having break throughs……let the good times roll!!!!
    Thank You and keep up your marvelous blog!

  4. Hi Sheleen! I agree with the your words about being busy broadcasting. It is easy to focus on that and not be open to receiving. I had forgotten about the stone with “Yes” on it. However, I have retrieved it from my desk drawer and it is once again where I can see. Thanks for all that you contribute to my life.

  5. Hey Linda: Thanks for commenting on the post. It is knowing that people are having breakthroughs that will keep me writing. The smile exercise is a sure cure for being able to receive. If anyone is not sure of what it is, just call me and I will be happy to let you know.

  6. Thank you Sly for reminding me about the monkey. I had heard it a while ago. What is amazing to me is how hard we can defend our right to hold on to the nuts. And, then blame others for not being able to get our hand out of the bottle. I am going to put this story in my notes so that the next time I lead a class I can relate it. I will be interested to hear what turns up on your next trip to a book store. Aren’t they wonderful places?

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