Posted by: smilecoach | May 7, 2008

On the Road Again!

No, I am not imagining that I am Willie Nelson. 


What I am imaging is returning to our home in Michigan for the next six months.  You have heard the saying, “ If you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen.”  Well I have a new version, “ If you cant stand the heat get out of Vegas in the summer.”  Several months of 110+ is too much.  Yes, it is a dry heat.   But 120 is hootttt!!!!!   All through last July, August and September, I got to witness temperature readings on the thermometer in my car that were higher than I had ever seen.   Frankly, I was surprised that it would go that high. 


Thanks to my wife’s talents and her employer’s flexibility we are able to spend the summer and fall in our home in Holland, Michigan.  Our intent is to return to Las Vegas next January.  Just in time to miss all of the snow in Holland.  Notice that I said ‘intent’.  With the use of that word I am leaving the door open for what we want to happen or something better.  And for the past several years something wonderful, unexpected and of major importance has been happening to my wife and me on a frequent basis.  I am learning to be open to “receive” whatever the Divine has in mind for me.  Lately it has been a series of wonderful adventures that involve moving and creating the lifestyle of our dreams. 


I am learning to manage my emotions, and thus my energy to so that I increase the frequency of experiencing joy and abundance.  Moving, however, brings a whole series of emotional challenges for me.  One of the more debilitating challenges is managing the details of moving my office  – AGAIN.  In case you don’t know this about me, I HATE DETAILS!   I go into what I call ‘detail shock’.  When I am in ‘detail shock’ I become irritable, I sometimes even start to shake and worst of all I begin to crave sweets.  Well, not just crave sweets; I devour sweets, especially chocolate.  I used to go into ‘detail shock’ and not even know what was happening to me.  Now I recognize it and have advanced to the ability of being able to express to my wife what is happening.  I don’t expect her to fix it.  It just helps me to say it out loud.  That way she doesn’t have to take it personally and when I say it out loud it is my cue to myself to accelerate my efforts to create joy or buy more chocolate. 


In case you are wondering, the upcoming move to Holland has triggered my ‘detail shock’.  On occasion it has been severe.  But I believe it is under control.  My wife may be a better judge of that.  If you get a chance ask her. 


On May 15 we will be “On the Road Again!” heading down the highway for Michigan.  I will have my office in Holland operational on May 21.  The phone number there in case you have forgotten it, is 616-786-9226.  No worry, the Vegas number will still work and be forwarded to MI. 


My first stop when we arrive in Holland will be at the grocery store to load up on chocolate so that I can make it through organizing the details of my office.  Perhaps I will do 2000 miles of smile exercises so that I won’t need it by the time we get there. 



  1. Frank…Chocolate is a very spiritual food. How is that? It gets our endorphins going and we feel so good that it is easy to be spiritual! If I think of taking care of details as moving energy, I enjoy doing it. Have fun in Michigan.
    My Love Always, WhiteHawk

  2. Yo Frankie…I am so sorry I missed your call. Thanks for leaving your oh so fabulous voice and message on my machine.
    I’m reading your post and laughing…what a great job you’ve done at living your Generator strategy…learning to wait…managing your emotional wave….hating the details…and my favorite part – eating CHOCOLATE!!

    Love and miss you much!

  3. Hey Whitehawk! Thanks for giving me information about chocolate that I didn’t have. And I will also think of moving energy when I take care of details. That is an interesting twist on it that I hadn’t considered.

    I am sending a big hug and lots of energy to you and John. As a matter of fact I will increase the energy I am sending by having some chocolate while I think of you two. I hope John is recovering and doing well.

  4. Yo Tuck. Thanks for taking time to respond to my post. I don’t know how you find time to connect with as many people as you do.

    Maybe I should create The Power of Chocolate seminar. Just imagine what the breaks would be like. How many people do you think we could get to attend?

  5. …they called it “Chocolate”… and it was good.
    Travel safe. Love, Sly

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