Posted by: smilecoach | July 23, 2009

This is a test.

Surprise, this is a test.  What are the four C’s of ‘Big Change’? 

 Here is a hint, each word begins with C.  –That was a joke!   I hope you got it. 

 The first two were Clarity and Commitment. 

 My guess is that you have forgotten not only what they are, but also what the ‘Big Change’ is.  That is perfectly alright.  I work on and talk about them daily and I have to look at my notes. 

Just to refresh your memory on the four C’s and the ‘Big Change’ here is a recap.  ‘Big Change’ is my term for those changes you want to implement so that you can live the life of your dreams.  The ‘Big Change’ is often a change that you have tried to implement many times and couldn’t quite get there.  I have, as have my coaching clients, not succeeded in making the ‘Big Change’ because commitment, clarity, courage and compassion(notice the 4 C’s) were absent or in short supply. Understanding the 4 C’s and making the ‘Big Change’ are important in order to experience the thrill of being completely you with all of your talent on display for the world to appreciate.    

 Today’s blog is about courage

 I define courage as the willingness to confront your fear based life patterns when you are making the ‘Big Change” in your life.  Courage is what separates having an average or above average life from having a great life.    With courage you are able to take actions that may be uncomfortable and disruptive to life as you have known it.  To stop the cycle of doing the same things over and over again, expecting a different result, you must have courage to do things differently. 

 When courage is absent as you embark on a ‘Big Change’ you will find yourself continually questioning the wisdom of your decision to go for it.  When courage is in short supply I would  hear myself saying, “I am comfortable where I am.  Why push myself? Nobody will notice if I don’t finish this.  It doesn’t matter anyway.”  

 The good news is that everyone has more courage than they think.  However, courage can’t exist without a foundation.  Clarity on your mission and vision, combined with supporting love based life patterns powered by  the “smile exercise” will greatly elevate your level of courage.  Having someone to support through you the change helps to keep your courage alive and flowing. 

 Pete (not his real name) a client of mine decided he wanted to elevate his level of engagement with life and use more of his talents.   He wanted his life to be an accurate portrayal of who he is, not a reflection of someone living at half speed.  One of the things Pete wanted to do is run in a marathon.  Pete had been a runner for a long time and he really enjoyed it.  He wanted to test himself by running a marathon.  Over a 6 month period Pete put the foundation in place by writing mission and vision.  He also took small steps to begin living his mission and vision.   He regularly did his smile exercise and of course I was encouraging and coaching him along the way. 

 With the foundation in place Pete had the courage to take on the marathon.  He had to create a training schedule that was much more rigorous than he had ever experienced.  He had the courage to continue training even when it would have been easier to sit at home after a long day at work.  Because he was training, his wife was upset that he wasn’t always at home as he once was.  He had to have the courage to face her displeasure with his workout schedule.  Pete wasn’t neglecting his wife; he just wasn’t there ‘all of the time’ as he was before.  Pete ran in the marathon and his wife is now training with him and they are planning on running a half marathon together.    

 How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time.  That is the same way that courage is developed – one small action at a time that moves you in the direction of your ‘Big Change’.  Put your foundation in place and the courage to make your ‘Big Change’ will follow.   

 Once I thought courage was something I needed in times of physical danger.  Now I know that it is mandatory to live a meaningful life in which I get to use my talents. 

 Final test for today.  What is the last ‘C’ we need to discuss?


  1. Hey Frank… Great STUFF!!!! Especially following our session. My first trip of many to your blog. As I was reading down the page, trying to digest the 4 C’s, (commitment, clarity, courage and compassion) it was courage that honestly stuck to me and “lo and behold” when I scrolled on down, today’s post was on COURAGE!!! That’s exactly where I am today and what you’re helping me to do; to develop/attract (however we want to see it) the courage to continue to work on some of these “life patterns”. Thanks for your commitment to continue to help people like me! Life is Good!

    • Hey Mike,
      I am glad you stopped by and found it to be a useful follow up to our coaching.
      Not only is life good, it is GREAT, especially when you get to work with seekers such as you.


  2. Best one yet! My favorite line “Everyone has more courage than they think!”

    • Hi Brian,
      I am glad you enjoyed the post.
      You have shown a great deal of courage in your victorous battle with leukemia. I am very proud of you for that. Not to mention you success in running the Chicago marathon on the hottest day they ever had. If any one understands courage it is you.


  3. Courage to be my authentic self is my big challenge. I have spent a better part of my 57 years do what others expect and then being frustrated and at times angry because I let my gifts and talents stay buried. During thsoe moments of letting myself share my light and love, others reactions of fear have have let mine resurface.
    My work with you has been huge in helping me step up AND stay up, to shine my light. You really are a “wise coach” and a gift for those of us who have been privledged to know you!

    • Hi Mary,
      Yeah for letting your talents shine through! The world needs more people like you with the courage to make the ‘Big Change’. Thanks for your kind words. In case you didn’t know it, I LOVE WHAT I DO.


  4. Outstanding words of wisdom, Frank…Hey! you Captured Concise and Centered Concepts! the ‘Big Change” is what I’m experiencing now and Courage IS a huge aspect of the process. Thank you for being on my support team. I feel that exhilaration of jumping off a cliff, knowing I’ll either fly or land on solid ground: Nothing to fear… It’s all Good!…and I am definitely smiling!

    • Hi Mickie,
      It is a delight to be part of your support team. I am sure your ‘Big Change’ will be a triumphant one.


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